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Unlocking Your Business’s Potential: The Impact of an Applicant Tracking System on Your Hiring Strategy

As a business owner or HR professional, you know how challenging it can be to find the right talent for your organizatio...

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Codbel is Developing an AI-Based ERP Cloud

To understand AI in the ERP context, think about it from the perspective of AI’s actual applications like machine ...

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Artificial Intelligent of Things; The combination between AI and IoT

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the marriage between AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and Internet ...

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Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Business Wildly Successful

While this is not a complete guide to improving your e-commerce business, it can serve as a solid starting point. Launch...

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What is SEO and SEM and How to Boost Your Sales Using Them

Search Engine Marketing refers to a variety of techniques and strategies a company can use to generate more visitor traf...

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VR/AR: How to Bring Value to Customer’s Shopping Experience and Increase Sales with Virtual Reality

VR/AR: How to Bring Value to Customer’s Shopping Experience and Increase Sales with Virtual Reality While virtual rea...

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How We Create Custom Software Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

We created this resource to help you decide if custom software is the right solution for your business, and if so, what ...

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Top Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is easy enough to learn, even if you’ve never dealt with a CMS (What is Content Management System and Ho...

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What is Content Management System and How to use it?

There are a ton of reasons WordPress is so popular. It’s free to download and use. It’s also easy to learn, flexible, an...